Brave, Feral Heart

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Welcome to my blog: “Brave, Feral Heart”. The purpose of this blog is to retell my sexual assault experience, and to document my healing process to a brave, feral heart. First I will start with the etymology of the title of my blog:
*Brave (v.) – “to face with bravery” / Brave (n.) – “North American Indian Warrior” c. 1600 / Brave (adj.) – “splendid, valiant” [from Middle East] / “brave, bold” [from Italian] / “wild, savage” [from Medieval Latin]/ “cutthroat, villain” [from Latin]
*Feral (adj.) – “wild, undomesticated” [from Middle East] / Commonly “run wild, having escaped from domestication” 19 c.
*Heart (v.) – “give heart to” [Old English] / “take to heart” [from Shakespeare] / “to form a heart” / Heart (n.) – breast, soul, spirit, will, desire, ; courage; mind; intellect [Proto-Germanic]
For all intents and purposes, this blog will aid in me facing the past with wild courage, and proceeding to the future with a warrior’s spirit. 
*Online Etymology Dictionary